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She rustles in the trees
As bleakness coincides with the leaves
A thousand eyes I avoid
Or have I become simply paranoid?

A black widow enchanted me
Enticing me with dopamine
A demeanor that sickens thee
If only I could break free
How long until I become as empty as these decrepit trees?
How long until I become as devoid as you want me to be?

Haunter of the woods
(Haunter of my mind)
Lurking in the dark for me to find
Haunter of the woods
(Haunter of my mind)
An apparition ties me in her bind
You're the haunter of these woods
The haunter of my mind

I can feel your parasitic presence slithering throughout my veins
I can feel my own mind gradually withering away
I can feel your maledictions as they slowly maim
I can feel my own mind confused to if its night or day
When can I escape this noose and its constricting fate?
When can I escape those eyes with their menacing gaze?
I can only hope for this recluse - I'm afraid it's too late
I can only hope my demise comes with your megalomaniacal ways

Writhing in cobwebs hysterically
I've lost touch with myself and everything
A nihilist
A lifeless body
A blank slate

Trapped in this prison of mirrors
The 45 slides through each of my hemispheres
Trapped in this river of fears
The 45 slides through each of my hemispheres
No matter how much lead goes through my head
No bullet can kill what is already dead

The brightest of lights will be snuffed away
Banished to the forest of my fucked up mind


from Lost, released May 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Awake/Aware Tampa, Florida

Awake/Aware is a metal/hardcore act hailing from the Tampa, Fl area. Since emerging into the central Florida local scene in late 2014, the young band continues to exhibit a determined work ethic driven by an immense passion for heavy music in all of its forms. Awake/Aware aims to shake the foundations of heavy music with their unique blend of progressive metal and hardcore. ... more

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